About GreenMed


Mr. Barrett Green,

CEO and Founder of GreenMed Senior Medical Centers, opened the doors to our first medical center in December of 2009.

Since then, we have been on a mission to improve the overall health of the Senior population, by providing state of the art facilities and introducing preventative medicine.

Aware of services and facilities based in Latin American communities, He recognized a need for quality care within our communities. With over seven years of knowledge and experience acquired during his time in the NFL, coupled with his observation of what was being delivered; created the perfect marriage to totally revolutionize the healthcare system.

The importance of preventative medicine was further emphasized for Mr. Green when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Recognizing her diagnosis as a preliminary test to the direction he was taking his facilities, and what he knew would be vital in her treatment plan; five years later, she is now in remission. Understanding that not everyone is a cancer patient, but everyone is dealing with some form of physical ailment.

At GreenMed we will continue to introduce and educate the seniors of our communities on the importance of preventative medicine, the benefits of diet and exercise, and continue to revolutionize the healthcare system as we know it. We partner our patients with a team of experienced Primary Care Physicians, Nutritionist, Personal trainer and our caring and multilingual staff, to improve their quality of life through a comprehensive wellness plan. With two locations to serve you in South Florida, we’re looking forward to seeing you at GreenMed Senior Medical Center, where we make your everyday, a better day.

Mr. Barrett Green
CEO and Founder

As a valued member of the GreenMed family, we are committed to providing you with personalized comprehensive quality health care.