Our Patients

"We Make Preventative Medicine A Way of Life"

Our Patients

GreenMed Senior Medical Center

GreenMed Senior Medical Center exists for you, and because of you. We are here to assure you receive top quality medical care, and superlative customer service from our caring and multilingual staff. Our dedicated team of Physicians, Specialist, Nutritionist, and Trainers emphasize prevention and wellness and are trained to meet the health and psychosocial needs of our seniors.

What makes us unique is our approach in your individualized care. Upon your initial visit, you are met by our team of highly qualified professions, your Primary Care Physician, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer. Together they will formulate a customized Comprehensive Wellness Plan tailored to your specific needs. We care about you, and pride ourselves in providing you with the highest standard in medical care.

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As a valued member of the GreenMed family, we are committed to providing you with personalized comprehensive quality health care.