Our Physicians

"We Make Preventative Medicine A Way of Life"

Our Physicians

At GreenMed Senior Medical Center,

our patient care is coordinated by a team of qualified Physicians who are supported by our caring, friendly, multilingual, and professional staff who work together to deliver exceptional care for our seniors; from routine exams to personalized Comprehensive Wellness Plans, all of whom are skilled in the care of seniors. Through our combined efforts we strive to improve the lives of seniors in underserved communities. We've developed areas of excellence so we can go the lengths necessary to bring the best in preventative medicine to our seniors; Preventative Medicine that requires an emphasis on going the extra mile for our patients - All so that we can provide an added measure of hope in their medical care.

Primarily, patients call GreenMed home because of the compassionate care and the individual interest our Physicians invest in their care. The value of seeing a doctor who knows you personally cannot be understated. At GreenMed, you are not just a patient, but a member of our extended family.

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As a valued member of the GreenMed family, we are committed to providing you with personalized comprehensive quality health care.